#KnowTheArtist: Alba Escayo

"Art is what keeps feeding our souls." ūüēäūü§ć Discover more about¬†Alba's art style, Singapore series, and personal thoughts towards her practice in this interview!

Alba Escayo is an abstract expressionist painter‚ÄĒher art often depicts her travels, immortalizing meaningful subjects and memories on canvas. Currently based in Madrid, Alba is a critically acclaimed contemporary artist whose expansive and compelling paintings and interdisciplinary works have garnered her international recognition.

Read on for a showcase of a few of her works!


"Holidays" is a vibrant expressionistic work representing Alba's personal interpretation of an idyllic summer getaway. Her usage of soft, light hues in these works is easy on the eyes and heart. They induce a feeling of nostalgia with their happy colours, sure to make you smile no matter where you are.


Above, "Geologies II". Aesthetic does not do justice to the profound significance of this abstract piece; holding a much deeper, intimate meaning, the work is inspired by the field notebooks of her geologist father.

In her interview, Alba brings up her Singapore series. Here are some highlights from the exclusive series:


Dashes¬†of bold orange and a illustrations of crabs‚ÄĒperhaps a¬†tribute to Singapore's famous chilli crab dish. A very visually attractive piece, to say the least.

Do you like durian? Well, this unique fruit, popular amongst it's fans, definitely made it to the list of Singaporean aspects in Alba's mind.


What do you think inspired these two curious pieces? Let us know in the comments!

Lastly, featuring "Magnolia", a beautiful floral piece. Perfect for gently sprucing up the interiors of a space.


We hope you've enjoyed knowing more about Alba as much as we have! Fiidaa Art would like to thank Alba for taking the time to accept this interview. Browse her collection on our website here.