Dreaming Reality: A Gently Introspective Collection

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” ~ Carl Jung

You may have heard that dreams are wishes of the heart. Dreams have often been associated with the ethereal and otherworldly. After all, the binary between waking and sleeping, is closely tied to the binary between the surreal and the real.

But what we might overlook, is that dreams can closely mirror real life. Our mind recycles images that we see in waking reality, and reconfigures them into dreams. Perhaps, by exploring our inner world, we might be able to discover more about our external state of reality, and the feelings that shape it.

Art is that beautiful mode of expression that helps us turn inward. Join us in awakening your creative senses, and traversing that rich inner world of emotions and reveries, in this fascinating collection of artworks.

The Living Quality of Art

Despite using unconventional mediums, these artworks are heavily grounded in the real, physical world.

Acrylic is a commonly used medium for art. But France Gaggioli adds her own twist to it. Inspired by nature, landscape, and the wonders of travel, she incorporates lotus leaves and wood to generate an earthy, organic feel.

There’s a softness in the way these voluptuous round figures overlap into one another on the canvas.


The delicate, intricate quality of the leaves are contrasted with the sturdiness of the wood panels. Notice how she incorporates the veins of the leaves, to elicit a sense of dynamism and textual variety. Paired with these miniature marine creatures, “Monchilogan” is a portrayal of our precious, vulnerable natural world.

Even without these natural elements, her acrylic works evoke a subdued sense of serenity. Her special blend of muted blues, browns, and whites, builds a refreshingly mellow landscape.


A welcome respite from the bustle of everyday life, and a gentle nudge to turn our attention to our rich repository of thoughts and emotions. After all, studies have shown that art can heighten our mood.

When we encounter the strange terrain of indescribable feelings, art reaches into the depths of emotion. If we let it, perhaps art can be that stable grounding force that we can cling to.

Footprints on the Sands of Time

One of our other artists experiments with the relation between art and feelings, as well. Renatta’s works celebrate the tangibility of human emotion.

Her choice of medium is an interesting one: a beautiful medley of acrylic and quartz sand. This gives emotions an earthly quality, a stark reminder of how our feelings are a natural element of life. As expressions of emotions, her works inspire us to connect with our own feelings, and to give them a unique visual and tactile language.


With a keen interest in emotional management, Renatta explores how art can be a tool for emotional expression and management. Perhaps by finding an appropriate language for our feelings, we can control them and not be controlled by them. Renatta shows us how the mingling of various materials, can form that language for us.


Renatta’s symphonies of deep blues, demonstrate the communicative powers of colour and craft.

What assortment of emotions do you experience when you gaze at Renatta’s works? Perhaps you’re touched by how they embody a deep sense of melancholia. Or, is it a delicate sense of hope and inspiration? Maybe it’s an emotion that transcends the ability to be described in words.

But where words fail, art thrives as profound mode of expression. Art gives us that power to stare directly at feelings that might be too complex to understand. Rather than fear these emotions, we can create something beautiful out of them.

Beyond the Ethereal

Have you ever experienced a dream that felt so incredibly real, and yet unreal at the same time? Nostalgia and surrealism are prominent themes in Matthew Laurence’s works. These wispy wonderlands seem otherworldly, but are in fact portrayals of very real concerns. Matthew explores the human condition, and our footprint of various ecosystems.

For example, his mixed media techniques reimagine the presence of nature. Drawing floral elements out of their conventional habitats, he imbues them with new, ethereal life in this cloud-filled landscape.


Recognise these timeless, classic landmarks? By making old verses new, Matthew addresses the importance of constructing a meaningful future upon the rubble of the past. The dynamic splatters of paint provide an upbeat and energetic feel to his works.

Through his masterful craft, the daunting landscape of the abstract is given a comforting foothold in the familiar.


Art can evoke strong sentiments. Beyond fearing the world of the abstract unknown, art gives us the comfort of managing our emotions, of celebrating the organic nature of our feelings, and of creatively reimagining the world as we know it.

Do any of these works rouse your spark of inspiration? Contact us to get started on adding one, or more, of these vibrant pieces to your collection.