#KnowTheArtist: Matthew Laurence

"You find magic and strange beauty in the unexpected and mysterious."ūüƆ‚ėĀūüíę Art. A way to meditate on the input of the world; to inspire the people around us; to advocate for critical global issues? Join us as¬†Matthew Laurence talks about what art and environment sustainability mean to him.

Matthew Laurence is a USA-born contemporary artist working and residing in Singapore. Read on for a showcase of a few of his works!

Matthew's works¬†feature a surrealist art style, making them¬†exude¬†an eccentric and eye-catching quality‚ÄĒplayfully,¬†a monarch butterfly's wings and an octopus' tentacle is fitted onto an elephant.¬†


Featuring "Singapore"‚ÄĒwhat are the symbols and icons you recognise? What does the creative choice of colour and¬†curious portrayal of subjects say about¬†his thoughts on the nation?

In his interview, Matthew touches on "Shanghai", his favourite work, whereby he combined all the techniques under his thumb such as digital editing, printmaking, painting, and compositing onto a canvas surface and best presented his concepts.


Concerned about contemporary problems like climate change and sustainability, Matthew's art functions as a window to express and examine the human condition and the impact of the human footprint on various ecosystems.


As an educator and artist, he hopes he can impart lessons and raise awareness of these issues to us and the future generation, so as to to provide a sustainable living environment. 

Lastly, featuring the his mesmerising works depicting the Wonders of the World:


We hope you've been inspired by Matthew's heartfelt and beautiful artworks! Fiidaa Art would like to thank Matthew for taking the time to accept this interview. Browse his collection further here.