For Lovers of the Orient

This August, in line with the National Day of Singapore, the team at Fiidaa Art would like to acquaint our blog readers with our dearest oriental pieces that spring forth with the cultural heritage from nations in Southeast Asia and East Asiaof which Singapore herself has adopted in facets of our cultural and historic identity, being a young nation in Southeast Asia. Hop in and discover the unique beauty of Oriental art!

Oriental art is often interchangeably used with the terms Eastern or Asian art, referring to the historic and contemporary originations from various Asian cultures and societies. Oriental-themed art can be a beautiful art style to appreciate the beauty of, and also a great way to express traditional values and roots.

Newest Arrivals

First off, let's dive into the new arrivals in our catalogue. One of them is Vietnamese artist Vu Thuy—his masterful realist style focuses itself on natural matters, often depicting tranquil images of lotus leaves, trees and reflections. 

His highly meditative, works feature the beauty of Vietnamese nature. We invite you to be charmed by his emotive expression of Vietnam!


The Lotus is a significant subject in oriental art: it symbolises purity, spiritual enlightenment, and rebirth. It is considered sacred in Eastern cultures. 

Also newly onboard with us is Ranjith Perera from Sri Lanka. Perera's art is a tribute to Sri Lanka's vibrant cultural heritage, documenting the country's pulse through its animals, places, and people. His work is perfect for individuals looking for an authentic expression and tribute to the beauty of Sri Lankan culture!


A key factor in East Asian oriental art is the use of colour—red and orange are colours that often give the characteristic look. New artist Deusa Blümke's fantastical, red abstract piece hints at a stunning, floral form:


Oriental Flora & Fauna

One common theme in oriental art are the plants and animals—examples include plants like lotus and bamboo, birds such as sparrows and storks, and fish like Koi.

Fan Shao Hua's graceful traditional Chinese ink style paintings hold a beautiful simplicity and gracefulness.


Enter the work of Asia Hillion, of Sri Lankan descent. The joyous and upbeat painting of storks bring an element of optimism to the table!

Meanwhile, France Gaggioli's one-of-a-kind Lotus paintings feature an acrylic on lotus leaves on wood medium. They bestow an oriental touch with their Lotus and Koi fish motifs!


Another piece featuring Koi: "Lucky Koi" by Marta ValenzuelaHer beautiful blue shades with emerald highlights alongside colourful Koi is simply delightful on the eyes.


Come bask in the quaint and scenic view shared by Jia Yuan Hua—a traditional Chinese architecture complimented by branches of pretty, pink Sakura! 


Love antique-looking works? Express your personality and interests by displaying art!

Ruth Waldron presents a uniquely charming style; her organic depictions in a vintage oriental style pay tribute to an age-old era! Serene branches delicately tilt out of antique pots, supplying a peaceful and calm ambiance, while the yellow-tinted base gives a rustic feel.


Dance with the Orient

Featuring a masterpiece from our catalogue, "Suzhou #2" by Matthew Laurence! From a glance, the Chinese doorbell ornament commands a bold tone. Surrounded by vibrant tinges of mystic blue and orange patterns, the resultant contrast is truly phenomenal and magical.


A similar beautiful hue of purple is witnessed in Myanmar's Than Kyaw Htay's marvellous work. Inspiring his works are the Pa-O people of the Shan States in the north-east of Myanmar—with his intricate and beautiful depictions, he brings to life the unique culture and tradition of this community.


Yeo Siak Goon's lovely painting features a Southeast Asian oriental visual of a traditionally-dressed lady, amidst temples and flora in the background. Observe how the painting blends in with the the woody interior of a room. Often, oriental art compliments wooden and sleek interiors well!


Thank you for journeying through this oriental-focused blog post with us! We hope you've been inspired by our selection of oriental artworks. Unveil the beauty of Asian culture by visiting our full Oriental Collection

Once again, Fiidaa Art wishes all locals a Happy National Day!