The Quiet Favourites: A Muted Collection

"Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Peace and Serenity is a recurring theme we see in many of our client's homes. The need to return to your serene sanctuary after a long day out, a cozy environment to rest and rewind in and a safe space to motivate your day. It is important to dress up your homes to one you feel most comfortable in. Art has the power to move you emotionally. Surround yourself if like-minded art to add a spark of happiness into your lives.


Abstract paintings are a reflection of the psyche. Devoid from the representation of reality, you can build a deeper connection by feeling the colours and brushworks. Select those that hum a calming tune. 

Golden Warmth 

With a more neutral palette, heavy textures and details become less overwhelming but brings an elegance to the overlook look of the room. The warm tones also presents a more inviting atmosphere to welcome you and your guests into your home. 

Kelly Ng Shah and Holly Delaney are some of our artists who often use Gold Leaves in their mediums. The result? A beautiful large abstract to brighten your halls. 

Dreamy Palettes

Whimsical pieces are also a favourite amongst home-owners with contemporary interior designs. The magical nature of the piece adds a dream-like quality into your spaces that evokes calmness in one's heart. 

Such artworks are a great pairing with bedrooms to add to that peaceful persona, building on the proper environment for you to relax and sleep in.


Neutrals doesn't always have to be earthy or monochrome. Explore the world of pastels to add colour to your homes with tasteful sophistication. Match the colour palette of your interiors with art for an even more coherent look.


Abstracts are not the only way to inject serene scenes into your homes. Landscapes are also a beautiful depiction of travels and freedom which can open up the space between your four walls. 

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  Sangeeta Tibrewala, Founder of Fiidaa Art

Having always been intrigued by the Arts world, I founded Fiidaa Art in 2006 to bring art closer to people. My passion for curating art collections for the hospitality, corporate and residential sectors has led me on an exciting journey to collaborate on art projects with established hospitality spaces and work with noteworthy corporate and private clientele.
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