A Touch of Modern

Modern interior designs are often sought over amongst new home owners. The open concept helps to create the illusion of a bigger room, a trait that is very much appreciated here in Singapore. They also play with neutral accents that allows a more mature and timeless taste.

Elevate that environment with this modern collection:

Respectively: Holly Delaney // Paul Walker // Yenny Yohan  

Modern art often experiments with abstraction, creating pieces that brings a new perspective to how we view the world. Abstract paintings are perfect to add a new visual to the space without representations that may often be too heavy to the scene. 

Respectively: Gugi Goo // Irene Hoff    

Yenny Yohan had just realized a new line of stunning abstracts that can bring warmth into your home. Centered around the themes of happiness, positivity, and good vibes, her paintings bring forth detailed brushstrokes and vivid colours that set a calming tone to your environment.



The impressionistic aesthetic is a nice way to add in works that still resonate with reality. If you prefer landscapes or recognisable motifs, these figurative and landscape works well to tingle your tastes.

Graphic prints are also quite a trend in modern homes. Lian Ng's works tend to lean towards Abstract Minimalism and the Concrete Art Movement. His art and design often incorporated mathematical algorithms, as well as typography and architectural references. Frame up some calligraphic and geometric prints to spice up your designs. 


Romanticise life and spark joy with your art collections. 

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  Sangeeta Tibrewala, Founder of Fiidaa Art

Having always been intrigued by the Arts world, I founded Fiidaa Art in 2006 to bring art closer to people. My passion for curating art collections for the hospitality, corporate and residential sectors has led me on an exciting journey to collaborate on art projects with established hospitality spaces and work with noteworthy corporate and private clientele.
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