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Artist Country: China

Dimensions: 24in x 20in | 60cm x 50cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Taihu stone plays a very important role in traditional Chinese architecture, especially courtyard design.

With the progress of the times, traditional buildings are gradually replaced by modern buildings. The only remaining historical monuments are scattered in modern cities, seeming out of place.

How to preserve these traditional buildings like the protection of pandas, so that they can add lustre to modern cities and avoid the fate of being demolished, is something that every designer must carefully face and consider. It is not a child's play.

Jia Yuanhua is a Chinese artist, born in 1980, who lives and works in Beijing, China. His contemporary artworks focus on social issues such as the protection of historical buildings, the inheritance of traditional culture, the conflict between tradition and contemporary times, education reform and the sustainable development of the natural ecological environment. Characterised with a naïve art style, common motifs in his works include famous landmarks, pandas and iconic characters. He works mainly with oil or acrylic in his paintings, playing with two main forms of expression in his works. One is a common realistic technique known for paintings. The other is to use an oil painting knife for carving on the surface of the oil onto the canvas but the artist also creates lines in his artworks to express the outline of objects either existed or vanished. Jia Yuanhua’s works were on view on several exhibitions and art fairs in Asia and overseas, such as the Art Zone Exhibition Space 798 in Beijing, the Today Art Museum in Beijing, the Bangkok Chinese Culture Center in Thailand and the Contemporary Art Fair in Luxembourg.

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