You’ve brought home your favourite art pieces and are excited to hang your collections. But how do you keep its pristine condition after you bring them back home?

Selecting your artworks is just the first step in your art collection journey. To ensure the timeless aspect of art, there is a need to ensure works are cared for to minimize the damage that may come to them. Rest assured, protecting your art is not a difficult process. Follow some of our tips to keep your work in its perfect quality for many years to come.

Here are 3 things to look out for in protecting your art: Location, Support, and Aftercare.


First things first, realize the placement of your artwork. Here are some things to look out for in deciding the location to display your art.

#1 Avoid hanging art pieces in areas with direct sunlight.

Intense sunlight can drain the color of almost any piece of work. Instead, look into placing them along your corridors or darker corners. That is also a great way to brighten up the darker areas.

#2 Avoid areas with direct heat

Strong heat may cause paintings to peel and grow softer over time. Placing artworks in kitchens and bathrooms is great to add aesthetics to a functional space. However, do take note of the exact placements to avoid areas that are heated.

#3 Avoid areas with high humidity levels

High humidity can cause a build-up of dampness that can damage your collections. Humidity levels of between 40%-60% are ideal to store and display your works. Proper framing of your art is also good to help protect the works.


Once you find the perfect location for your collections, it is time to get them fixed in their positions. The way you display your work is an art form that complements your designs.

Hanged or Leaned?

Both methods are beautiful in their own ways to bring out the best in the works painted. One thing to ensure is that proper support is in place to ensure that the artworks are secured in their positions.

To hang framed artworks, be sure to check the weight of your paintings and the hooks you are to use. Chat with us to ensure the best support system is used to display your art.

For works displayed on shelves, add a rubber lining or tacks at the base of your frame to ensure the work is properly fastened onto the surfaces.


Now, all that is left is proper management to retain the art’s pristine glory.

#1 Never clean the works with water or chemical products

Water or Chemicals may cause great damage to your artworks when it is not handled properly, some may even be irreversible. Instead, do regular dusting to prevent a build-up of dirt. Contact a specialist if your works need a thorough cleaning over time.

#2 Check up on your works

As you admire your collections, remember to periodically check your collection for any damages. Things to look out for would be discolouration, the tautness of canvas, and mold. Switch out its location if it calls for it.

And now, you’re good to take care of and grow your art collections! Knowing how to preserve its richness will benefit in the long run and for generations to come.

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