In this Artist Spotlight, we will be featuring Davide Martinazzo - one of our newest artists to join us onboard.

Davide Martinazzo was born in Montebelluna (Treviso), and had graduated as an Academic Designer in 2007.

Davide is deeply involved in contemporary art. He developed his technique by creating a separate universe that is detached from everyday life, suggesting the dimensions of feelings and then reflecting them onto the medium.

The colours that he uses are usually soft, mellow and warm to give form to a magical and dream-like world and dimension. The repeated act of scattered letters in his work is a symbolic recreation of the imaginative freedom of the moment in the life of each of us as a child when we move on to meet the world, perceiving shapes and names that are not yet seen as static and prescriptive.

His passion for the graphic and aesthetic aspects of his art can truly be felt through his works. Davide has also collaborated with a number of artists and design studios for various projects.