Loredana De Sole is an Italian-born fine art photographer who specializes in nature photography. She is overwhelmed and inspired by the dramatic nature of our environment, capturing those moments in her lenses. Loredana has become increasingly moved by nature due to the ecological crises of recent years and the evolution of her own inner need to denounce the damage done.

In this interview, Fiidaa Art had the lovely opportunity to connect with Loredana and have her share more about her creative processes and her relationship with Mother Nature.



What inspired you to explore nature in your works?

I love nature in all its forms and I have always worked in contact with it.
For years, I have also worked with underwater photography.





To you, how do you decide what makes a good photograph?

I love extreme places, where weather conditions enhance the dramatic nature of the image. I seek mainly the chromatic harmony of the scene itself, with the addition of an optimal light exposure. My creative process is similar but different at the same time. I let myself be inspired by the place itself and by what I see. Sometimes I find myself forced to denounce the dramatic nature of a place. Other times, I am inspired by the exaltation of beauty or by the intensity of the landscape.

Catch the full interview in our video.