New This March: Through Space and Time

Art has the ability to change our perspectives of the world, to make us see it fresh and anew.

This March, Fiidaa Art is proud to present a new collection of artworks that enrapture us with their otherworldly beauty. Through their use of colour and form, these artists instil within us a deep appreciation for the vastness of the universe, and the tactility of all the details within it.

Join us in exploring these timeless gems up close:


Levitation and Ethereality

Andy Yang’s works encapsulate a transcendental and delicate beauty. The interplay of light and colours creates a sense of levitation and weightlessness, while the abstract forms suggest a hint of chaos restrained by a sense of harmony. A fresh, contemporary take on the ethereal.





The Intersection of Nature and Technology


Do you get a sense of liberation from viewing Romicon Revola’s artworks? Romi’s works take shape in a variety of forms, ranging from monumental public sculptures to digital art. One of her primary mediums of choice is the smooth, and ever lustrous, stainless steel. Her works are largely inspired by organic shapes and animal themed motifs, portrayed through abstract forms. These thought-provoking pieces blur the lines between nature and technology, a futuristic and elegant addition to an interior.


An Inner Voyage

 The journey of introspection is a central feature in Sumali Piyatissa’s new pieces. What emotions do these bold strokes evoke within you? Ever the inspirer, her new works are a solid reflection of the complexities of being human. Using gold lead and gold pigments, Sumali empowers us to turn our rich and vibrant inner worlds into tangible objects of value.



Ode to a Simpler Time

Looking for something youthful and energetic? As with all her works, Georgina depicts playfulness through her use of shapes and colour. This particular new piece has a refreshing, laid-back energy. Forging that connection between the present and past versions of ourselves, Georgina’s work transports its viewer to times of simplicity, relaxation and promise. View more of her spirited pieces here.

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