Art and Empowerment

It’s heartening to see that years of progress have been made in resisting gender stereotypes.

As we celebrate the brilliant women who have created many of the stunning pieces in our collection, let’s also celebrate how they continue to defy the rigid gendered roles that pervaded our world in the past.

Previously, women were expected to be docile, humble and demure. Men, on the other hand, were associated with qualities like aggression, courage and loudness.

Enter, the empowering works of the artistic women today.


           Zyginta                       Katrina Pallon                   Claire Denarié-Soffietti


They don’t shy away from the use of boldness to create celebratory and upbeat expressions. Their portrayals of the world—and of women—aren’t limited to the shy, low-key presentations that many works in the past would have adopted.

Noemi Safir                                  Zyginta

Even in abstraction, they manage to radiate confidence and strength, whilst retaining an air of kindness and compassion.


  Tarini Ahuja                                 Gugi Goo
  Sumali Piyatissa                              Alba Escayo

Art has the ability to open our minds, empowering us to new possibilities of self-expression. There's no shortage of creativity and promise, among all the talented women of this day and age.


 Radhika Choudhary                           Romicon Revola

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

— Diane Mariechild

 Anniketyni Madian         Amber Phang                  Asia Hillion
    Branka Ridicki           Carmen Martini           Cha Jong Rye
    Corinne Natel               Deborah McKellar        Francesca Gnagnarella
     Fuen Chin                   Georgina Gray                   Gillian Beal
Grace Aza-Selinger             Holly Delaney                    Irene Hoff      
   Kelly Ng Shah           Kumari Nahappan           Maria Stabio  
  Marta Valenzuela       Magdalena Starzecki            Peisy Ting     
           Ruth Waldron             Samantha Redfern        Sarah Shuraki-Zisken     
        Shih Yun Yeo                 Stephanie Ho               Sarla Chandra
           Valerie Ng                      Yenny Yohan                    Yvonne Yong   


Happy International Women's Day to all our lovely artists! Your passion and zeal for artistic expression truly enriches the world around us. Keep shining your light!