Apart from two-dimensional paintings, Fiidaa Art also explores sculptures as an interesting and impactful art medium to fill large spaces. Pintor Sirait is a Germany-born, United States-educated Indonesian contemporary sculptor whose works have been extremely well-liked for its beautiful forms that blend harmoniously into the environment that they are placed in. To find out more about his works and artistic motivations, Fiidaa Art contacted him to share with us his ideas in his own words.

To you, what is the relationship between sculpture and the environment that it is placed in?

I first assess the site which requires my work. For outdoor works, the surrounding architecture and landscape is my guide to finding a harmonious relationship between the different elements. The study helps me to conceptualize how a site should be enhanced, the needed scale, the medium of the sculpture and the appropriate theme to uplift and engage the viewer. 

I have noticed that several of your sculptures are in a bright and daring red. What is unique about that colour to you, and could you describe why they are so?

Red creates a very uplifting contrast in a green garden, just like the bright petals of a flower. Ultimately, the decision is dependent on the surroundings. Red is a colour of passion and love.

There is a lot that can is affected by colour – a single tone keeps the sculptural aspect (shape, form, interrelations of shape and form) simpler to read and view. I use different reds, with different finishes (matt or glossy) depending on where the sculpture will be.

Could you describe your creative and working process, such as your sources of inspiration, planning process, and the time taken to complete a work?

Sometimes my creative process starts with an inspiration, and then I do a lot of research on the subject and its meanings in different cultures.

For example, for a specific flower, I investigate its significance in the local culture. Since flowers live in cycles, I also consider what stage of blooming would be most appropriate for the artwork. I sketch several compositions, and this process is followed by making a mock-up. Other considerations are human interactions with the art – Is it soft enough? Does it invite people to explore? Is it overwhelming or too aggressive? Is it delivered artistically? I then make adjustments as needed and continue to adjust as I build the sculpture, since the angle of viewing the art changes as it enlarges and manifests. It is a lovely process to see a large-scale work come into form, and I am very critical and ensure that the shape, lines and finish are perfect.


Art, and in particular large sculptures, have a substantial effect for its viewers. What do you hope to bring across with your sculptures?

I think a sense of joy is a crucial element to creating an interest in exploring the work visually and conceptually. I also aim for my sculptures to be different, new, striking, seductive and fun.

We would like to thank Pintor Sirait for taking time for the interview.

Images courtesy of Pintor Sirait.