Thought-provoking collections to spark conversations within

Powerful art makes people talk. It is one that unconsciously brings about questions in your mind or forces a tone of reflection, hence helping you find peace within. Here are some works to look out for if you are looking for works that speak to you: 

1. Powers that be by Andy Yang

Take in the colours on the canvas. The vibrant warm hues splattered against the dark backdrop create a dynamic landscape that stirs emotions. Can you feel the push of the movement from this work?

2. Silence by Claire Denarie-Soffietti

Claire depicts the perfect reading room, with a glimmer of sunlight, creating a toasty environment to lounge about. Can you picture yourself in this space? Do you feel the warmth? The peacefulness? 

3. Nei Giardini Che Nessuno Sa by Davide Martinazzo

Heavily involved in the contemporary arts, Davide's work plays with the calligraphy art style, mixing it with abstraction to produce large bodies of work that sing a melody. Can you hear the music?

4. Transformation by Katrina Pallon

The maximalist approach by Katrina brings attention to details. Exploring traditional identities, her works force us to reflect and show appreciation for our cultures. How does this work make you feel?

5. Memory 2 by Ngo Van Sac

Ngo's portraits contain smaller images that create a unique storyline and identity that brings us deep into his thoughts. Deep dive into Sac's personal feelings through these woodworks. What do you think is in his mind?

Art collecting is never a passive process. Connect your mind with this powerful medium of communication today.