Forms of Art

"The most seductive thing about art is the personality of the artist himself." — Paul Cézanne

Art has a beautiful way of connecting with its viewers, arising different responses from each individual. The way an artist adds flair to connect with their audience is through the mediums they choose. Different forms of art have various visual qualities that can enhance your collections.

This beautiful landscape is painted by Shwe Thein. The work captures the tranquil quality of a boat by the water, a stunning statement piece for a welcoming entryway. 

Fine Art Paintings

Fine art paintings offer a more dynamic touch to the piece. From realistic to abstract, different paint styles and textures can add value to a space.

Check out Stephanie Ho's (Top) work that captures a beach view with a Naïve art style, providing a quirky look to any space. On the other hand, Bui The Khanh (Bottom) replicates the view of Halong Bay with abstraction. The result is a clean colour-blocking style bringing likeness to the hotspot.


Photography is another powerful way to introduce new perspectives to a space. A photograph is a reflection of reality, it holds an element of rawness and authenticity. 


This series by Le Vu Cuong (Top) captures minute details of the things around us, bringing new aesthetic quality to the scenes.

3D Sculptures

Sculptures are also a great way to dress up a space. The mediums used for the three-dimensional works present various tonal qualities to complement your spaces.

Earthy tones can be incorporated through the use of organic mediums such as this intricate woodwork by Cha Jong-Rye (Top). For modern interiors, these works by Mark Beattie (Bottle) are sure to brighten your halls. 


There is a style for everyone, check out our site and drop us an email to best match any artwork to your space!