The Power of Art: 2022 Reflections

Art is, in essence, an extension of the artist. It encompasses the whole individuality of the artist, it brings her personality and essence to her work. Art has layers of meaning behind it and it is up to the viewer to peel away those layers and discern the meaning as it appears to him. Art can bring peace and calm or it can question. It can educate and inspire or it can be a subtle mockery. Art can be humourous and political. Art brings culture and engagement. Art creates discussions. Other than the tangible and monetary benefits of art appreciation, it is also an invaluable piece of history in the making.

I have always believed in the democracy of art, meaning I truly think art is subjective, personal, and to be enjoyed by everyone in the manner they wish. As an art consultant, I take briefs and directions from my clients so that I can help them in their quest for the right artwork.


I have been so privileged to work on plenty of projects this year, spreading the joy and beauty of art. With different projects at hand, I have gained more experience working with different styles and projecting the vision with various partners.


From complementing corporate spaces to leasing artworks, it was the year of new opportunities explored in the realm of curation. I would like to thank all the artists and partners I've collaborated with for the enriching and smooth experiences.

However, I still constantly struggle when I find myself facing the idea of art serving a merely decorative purpose. The reason I find that the words 'decorative' and 'art' do not go together in the same sentence is that there is so much more to art than sheer decoration.

Here are some of our new artist collections for 2022:


Each artist creates bodies of works that tell a unique tale. Your art selection communicates your story and your identity. The art you own will stay with you for years to come and you will find your art collection becoming an extension of yourself.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” - Thomas Merton⁠