May 2022

Reignite that sense of excitement when you discover new works. Followed by the mesmerization of palette, movement, shape, and patterns. And finally, create a lifelong feeling of happiness when your favourite art is in your possession. We love matching our artists to like-minded collectors through art. At Fiidaa Art, we strive to bring you closer to works that you love.

Fiidaa Art has constantly been connecting with artists worldwide to provide you with an expansive selection to kickstart your art collections. We’ve recently onboarded a couple of fresh faces to our curated selection and are excited to share their stories.

Radhika Choundhary 

Radhika Choudhary, born in 1994, is an abstract artist based in New Delhi, India.

Radhika’s art and design practice, “A Linear Dot” is characterised by the geometric shapes in her works. The balance and interplay of different geometric shapes evoke a sense of harmony and joy.

Abstract works are so versatile. They allow us to shape our meaning to it. Radhika’s collection explores her thoughts, emotions and experiences, acting as a window into her life, spreading sunshine one painting at a time.


Loredana De Sole

Loredana De Sole is an Italian-born fine art photographer that specializes in nature photography. Loredana channels her attention to her inner self as a form of expression. She distorts reality by adding physical movement to her images with the declared aim of moving us emotionally.

Her most recent collection features both landscapes and waterscapes. 

Prints of Loredana’s stunning land and waterscapes are quaint and serene. Placing these works above a mantlepiece, shelves and studies is a perfect fit for any space.


Jia Yuanhua

Jia Yuanhua is a Chinese artist, born in 1980, who lives and works in Beijing, China. His contemporary artworks focus on social issues such as the protection of historical buildings and the inheritance of traditional culture.

Characterised with a naïve art style, common motifs in his works include famous landmarks, pandas and iconic characters.

These paintings are impactful with the message they deliver. Jia’s uses an intricate and fascinating technique to achieve a visual texture, bringing unique art for collectors who appreciate different forms and styles.


Marco Araldi

Marco Araldi’s background is in architecture and engineering. Through his works, he explores the connections between the world of precise reference points and life.

Looking at the world from a mathematical and geometrical lens allows him to deconstruct reality into simpler equations and graphs and explore our surroundings from the mundane to the sublime.

Geometric Art is a perfect complement to any collection. Its minimal structure, paired with a clean palette and layout, is a great mix to add a new perspective to your walls.


Landscape photography is great addition for Art Collectors who love a calming selection of works while adhering to their adventurous side. “Art is a window to a man’s soul.” Dress up your spaces with stunning sights by Loredana.

Mixing landscapes with abstracts is also perfect to add more depth to your collections.

A unique trait of Yuanhua’s work is his use of an oil painting knife. He often carves on the surface of the oil or acrylic to create lines in his artworks that express the outline of objects either existing or vanished.

Architectural Art by Marco Araldi juxtaposes these man-made landmarks against nature. This contrast brings a fresh view to our collections.


If you need assistance in your selection process or want to learn more about a particular work that interests you, do not hesitate to contact the team at info@fiidaaart.com.

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