Deusa Blümke

Deusa Blümke

Born in Brazil, Deusa Blümke graduated with Masters of Fine Arts in Painting from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2016. Her abstract works are highly expressive, textured and colourful, shedding light on her imagination and quirks of the mind.

Over the years, Blümke has amounted a lofty resume, having shown her works in various fairs, open calls and exhibitions in Singapore and abroad. 

Her work is an ongoing advent into painting as material, experimenting on surfaces, transparency, colour and forms of layering. She explores how art can be created in a moment of time as a response to psychological and physiological encounters.

"These painterly investigations are not only manifested through the materiality of the paint but are also the result of a conscious and unconscious relationship between my body and my mind. They express an exploration of my inner landscape and deal with the world in flux as I am experiencing it at that moment and my attempt to bridge this experience with the viewer."

–Deusa Blümke