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Sun Yu-li

Sun Yu-li


China-born Singaporean artist Sun Yu-Li was a former architect who has discovered the universal language through his art, depicting our existential space and architectural space with Graph Theory. Yu-li’s art has been described as “art of the mind” and his style “an expression of abstract thought based on metaphysical principles”. He has his own unique way of creating, inspired by the essence of the Universal Language: Beginning with the dot, forming a line, then progressing to a plane, and finally into volume. Just as grammar is basic and fundamental to language, Yu-li attempts to achieve mutual communication between creator and viewer through the use of basic concepts and metaphysical molds.

He is also the Founder and Director of the Sculpture Square in Singapore from 1996 to 2010 and an Adviser to the Singapore Sculpture Society since 2001.  In 2006, he founded Emily Hill Artist Village and remains a core member of the Artist Village. He is both a member of Modern Art Society in Singapore since 1998 and the Singapore Art Society since 1996.  In the past, he served as the National Arts Council Resources Panel Member for 8 years till 2008 and an Advisor to URA for Marina Bay Youth Olympic Park in Singapore for two years till 2008 as well.

Yu-li has exhibited in many local and overseas exhibitions such as the “Passion Art” Festival, Singapore (2014); “Tree of Hope” Exhibition, Hong Kong (2014) and “Tree of Hope iLight”, Marina Bay Art Festival, Singapore (2014); “Wishing Tree”, Malay Heritage Center, Singapore (2013); “Fete Des Lumieres” Lighting Art Festival, Lyon, France (2012); “Love, Revolve The World” Painting Exhibition (2013); “Looking for You” Exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia and Brono/Prague, Czech (2012); “Vivid Sydney, Passage to Happiness” Exhibition, New South Wales, Australia (2012); “Elephant Parade – Painting of Baby Emily and Baby” at Paragon, Singapore (2012); “Helix, Fete Des Lumieres” Lighting Art Festival, Lyon, France (2011); and “Vivid Sydney” Lighting Festival, Australia (2011).

His artworks are widely collected by many corporations and private collectors.