Lyf Cebu City, Philippines

Cozy co-living spaces meet Cebu's vibrant culture at lyf Cebu City. Fiidaa Art collaboration with renowned artist Leeroy New and a team of skilled designers brought to life a captivating art collection inspired by the underwater wonders of the sea and Cebu's vibrant coral reefs. This artistic transformation elevates Lyf's communal spaces, using vibrant graphic art to bring the allure of the ocean indoors, amplifying the social experience of indoor stays.

Dedicated to environmental sustainability, our curated selection also showcases sculptural masterpieces meticulously crafted from locally sourced recycled materials. These artistic creations not only captivate with their playfulness but also serve as an inspiration, inviting hotel guests into lively communal spaces that celebrate Filipino culture and sustainable living.

“The project was executed with meticulous attention to detail ensuring that every aspect of the artwork aligned with our vision. Ms. Sangeeta and her team exceeded our expectations, delivering an art collection that truly brings our design vision to life” - Mary Lenneth D. Tan, Interior Design Coordinator