A new year calls for a new look to dress up your walls. Dip into the vibrant world of Colorée, featuring a stunning display of flamboyant palettes that brings your imagination to life. 

Marvel in the warmth of the collection, introducing to you new eye candies to elevate your collections for the new season.


Claire Denarie Soffietti is an absolute marvel with her canvases. Some even larger than life-size, her art is a good statement piece to command your room. Soak into the details of her works, dancing along her bright yet subtle hues.

Colour fills all aspects of our lives. The way they complement and contrast one another shapes the way we perceive the world. It has the power to narrate stories and connect with our minds.

Noemi Safir portrays reality through colour blocking techniques.


"My vision is to touch people's hearts with my art and my story. Everything that I create is a reflection of myself and my long road of learning about who we really are." — Noemi Safir


Zyginta is another of our new artists that experiments with colours to depict her perception of reality. It is her colourful life journey that has brought her to where she is today as a painter. 

Looking for something a bit more abstract? Non-representational art has its way of allowing us viewers to find our deeper meaning. Explore these organic forms by Tarini Ahuja

Tarini Ahuja’s work provides the viewer with a sense of positivity and peace. Her paintings are a space for solace and reflection, allowing us to escape from the mundane.


Gugi Goo is another artist to look out for when it comes to vibrant abstracts. Inspired by life, her works communicate the sensation of being moved by rhythm and music. It is an exploration of her personal experiences and feelings.

Alba Escayo is also a new addition to our colourful abstracts. Its expressionistic style is one that can blend with the trendy maximalist interior designs of today, elevating the status of your rooms. 

Fiidaa Art wishes everyone a vibrant new year and is excited to spread the joy of art in 2023!