Bringing your dream home to life is no easy feat. There is the quest for your deciding theme. The hunt for new furniture. The parade of colours to choose from. And the final curation of artworks and display décor to complement your space.

We understand that filling your home with things you love can feel overwhelming at times. So let the experts here at Fiidaa Art take one chore off your list and give you some insights into curating your art collection.


1. Brighten Your Foyers

The first thing you see when you enter your home is your foyer. It sets a tone for the rest of your home and is a key symbol that you are finally home. A tip for decorating this space is to pick art that speaks to you. Take the time to learn more about the artist, the style, and the visual voice you resonate with. We love talking about anything art, let us know your ideas and we will connect you with timeless pieces that your will always love.

2. Enliven Your Living Rooms


A lot of our time spent at home is in our living spaces. It plays an important role as a gathering spot for all. Therefore, this room must be a bright and joyous space that provides an inviting atmosphere.

Having a large statement artwork here is a great focal point of attention. We recommend the area above the sofa as an excellent placement for oversized pieces. The new texture to the empty wall space above the sofa adds a pop of colour that brings fullness to this space. We love hanging large-scale landscapes here as they can also act as a ‘new window’ to open up the space of the room.

3. Spice Up Your Kitchens

Fine Arts are not limited to spaces of leisure. However, it is important to note the practicality of different mediums when placing them in your kitchen. Being a place near heat and grease, it is ideal to select pieces or locations that have minimal effects.


We love placing small framed paintings on spice shelves to create the perfect amount of visual tension. Graphic illustrations are a nice addition to a modern interior that juxtaposes beautifully against the industrial materials used in this room. We also love placing vertical works at the end of your kitchen corridors. Not only does it brighten your kitchen area, but it can also peer into other rooms and provide a more well-rounded design.

4. Personalise Your Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Make it an intimate setting where you can unwind and relax. We find that placing works of greater emotional connections here can improve your mental well-being in this safe space. Don’t be afraid to go big and commission something that truly reflects your identity here.

Do note that designs here should not be over-stimulating. Calming abstracts with a more pastel or muted palette is better to bring on a dream-like fantasy to your serene sanctuary.

5. Dressing Your Bathrooms

Artworks can work in bathrooms too! Likewise to kitchens, placing artworks in your toilets need careful consideration to preserve the state of the art. Ensure that works placed here are framed properly and adorned in locations where steam build-up is kept to a minimum.

Boasting an art collection in the bathroom gives an elegant and luxurious persona to your home. This is the place to get quirky with your selection. Find unique works that reflect your personal style and inspire your guests when they take a trip to your loo.


Sangeeta Tibrewala, Founder of Fiidaa Art

Having always been intrigued by the Arts world, I founded Fiidaa Art in 2006 to bring art closer to people. My passion for curating art collections for the hospitality, corporate and residential sectors has led me on an exciting journey to collaborate on art projects with established hospitality spaces and work with noteworthy corporate and private clientele.
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