Located in a suburb of Jakarta, Indonesia, Navapark Country Club is an elite country club built for the leisure and entertainment of home-owners and residents of the iconic mixed-use resort.

When Navapark contacted us, their brief was clear. They wanted an art collection that would emphasize the tropical and resort feel of the club.

The Fiidaa Art team studied the waterfront property surrounded by lush green vegetation. We proposed an art collection that would be modern and contemporary, and we put together the concept of 'Bringing Nature Indoors". The artworks consisting of vibrant hues on silk canvas by artist John Martono remind guests of the varied colours found in nature.

For the sizeable 5M sculpture at the entrance, artist Pintor Sirait was commissioned to create a work that would hint at the Navapark logo. The artist came up with a stylized lotus that is mesmerizing from all angles. Made of mild polished steel, it is a focal point of interest and gently hints at the double-stroke logo of Navapark.

Pintor also created copper shaped carved ball sculptures in varying sizes for the landscaped outdoors of the country club. These pieces merge beautifully within the lush green environment, with focus lights giving a warm sheen to the copper material.

We enjoyed curating the artworks that enhanced the modern country club space and made it warm and inviting for the guests. By working with two established local artists, we brought a local sensibility to the project in a contemporary style. From the appointment of the artists, to the production and final installation, Fiidaa Art managed the process at every stage until the completion and handover. For more see Projects.