#KnowTheTerm: Maximalism

Maximalist art: the antithesis of minimalist art. Bursting with colours, patterns, details, textures, and layers, this style is all about creating an eye-catching frenzy that demands attention! In the arts, maximalism, a reaction against minimalism, is the aesthetic of excess. The philosophy can be summarized as "more is more", contrasting with the minimalist motto "less is more". With no further ado, let's dive into examples of this style from our catalogue! #KnowTheTerm

Katrina Pallon's vibrant and intricate portraits are a prime example of this style. Every inch of her multi-coloured pieces is packed with stunning detail that sparks creativity and elevates energy.


Maximalists often work with a great deal of colours and an abundance of detail. This is exemplified in Stanko Ropic's floral ink prints, produced through layering of photos. The fantastical and iridescent hues make these spectacular, one-of-a-kind works!


Famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami embodies a maximalist style in a similar fashion—a great deal of colours and an abundance of detail! His iconic smiling flowers completely saturate the background.

Our artist, Noemi Safir, paints portraits with a galore of fantastical hues; details are contoured into splashes of the colours of the rainbow. 🌈


Another way maximalism can be characterized is by collaging. Witness our contemporary artist Zyginta and her mixed media collage, "Queen":


A feast for the eyes—packed with a myriad of colours, fonts, and cut-outs, her work is truly unique and certainly shouts bold!  

Irene Hoff, too, adopts a maximalist style in her works through collaging. The array of patterns and textures brought about on the canvas are a chic and calming visual treat, sure to complement any scene.


Next, come bask in the childish, naïve style of local artists Samantha Redfern and Georgina GraySamantha's unhinged, yet creative, colourful style is delightfully eye-catching!


Meanwhile, Georgina's goofy animals and lovable motifs of clouds, rivers, rainbows resonates with a fun, happy-go-lucky mood. Allow it to close the gap to our roots of creativity and provide a childish reprieve! 


Though rare, sculptures can take on a maximalist style too. Immerse yourself in the intricate world of Anniketyni Madian's wood sculptures. Every inch of this masterpiece is a wonder to behold, with architectural and geometric motifs intertwined in a mesmerizing display—follow the countless paths, elevations, shapes, and markings! 


We hope you've enjoyed this tour of our maximalist works. Take a look at our Maximalist Collection to browse more works—elevate the energy and spark creativity within your space through Art!

Looking for a particular style of maximalism? We have more recommendations up our sleeve, get in touch with us with your unique design needs and we'll get started ASAP.