Radhika Choudhary is an abstract artist based in New Delhi, India. Starting with a background in Fashion Design, her studies shaped her design language: A Linear Dot - where she reconstructs and simplifies everything and anything around her into basic shapes and colours.

In this interview, Fiidaa chats with Radhika to learn more about her inspirations and ideas that come about in her artistic process.

Who or What is your biggest inspiration?

I feel inspiration everywhere. I genuinely see things as shapes and then break them down in my head. What I like turns into Art. I keep taking pictures of everything and anything that I like. Like a cool formation of clouds, or some cool panel on the wall, or a leaf texture. During the pandemic, I picked up the canvas and brushes again and started painting. At that time, I was making anything. Just putting random colours on canvas, and just going with the flow. Then one day, I came across Sara Weldon's work on Instagram and something in me shifted. Her work actually inspired me so much and gave me direction.

Your works often display a beautiful interplay of shapes and colours. How would you define your relationship with geometrics?

I get asked this question a lot! Fun fact, I am terrible at maths. But somehow, shapes just made sense to me. I genuinely see everything as basic shapes stacked on top each other. I think this has a lot to do with my training at a design college. Over there, I learnt how to use basic shapes to create an impact and to emote. It just kind of stuck with me and it now translates into my design language a lot.

Playing with geometric art, your lines and shapes seem to hold the perfect balance and structure. What would your general working process be like?

For me, the process of creating art is very intuitive. I keep a journal with me that I call 'Idea Cloud'. And, I keep doodling in it. Whatever I see, whatever I'm feeling that day, I just translate everything as shapes and I keep working on it till I might feel truly connected to certain compositions or certain elements Then I convert it onto my canvas. I open my box of colours and pick and choose whatever I'm gravitating towards that day. pick and choose whatever I'm gravitating towards that day. it has always been intuition.