"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul." – Wassily Kandinsky

It's no secret that colors can affect one's mood. Understanding what each color means and using them correctly will take your interior design skills to new heights. Adding colors to your home through artwork is a powerful method for enriching any room with vibrancy and creativity. Fiidaa Art offers an extensive collection of artworks in a myriad of palettes.

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Warm. Striking. Passionate.

Red is a symbol of vigor and love. Adding reds into your room may be a tricky thing as this vibrancy may get over-stimulating. However, when added tastefully, it brings about a classy and elegant look that stands out from the crowd, creating a room that is uniquely yours.

The colour blue is a popular colour to be used in interiors. Known for its calming effect, blues are often placed in rooms to help you relax.