The Language of Art

Art can be a compelling way to express our deepest truths. Beyond the act of creation, the decisions we make in choosing art for our personal spaces involve some degree of individual reflection as well.

Explore these collections to inspire your own unique visual lexicon!

In the blink of an eye, the mellow wintry landscape has been replaced by brilliant thriving flora. Greet the crisp summer breeze with Tran Xuan Binh’s vibrant works.


His colours effortlessly showcase the beauty of our tropical climate. From lush greenery to lackadaisical poolside blues, these pieces can offer a refreshing addition to your interiors.


 Than Kyaw Htay’s works are an immersive voyage through an expansive, multicoloured wonderland. His use of colour is profound in expressing tranquility and hope.

Coming in a variety of cool and warm hues, there’s bound to be one that aligns with your distinctive personality and style.
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Meanwhile, Charles Wong creates unique presentations of emotion through dotted calligraphic letters. 


 A true testament to how art can form a distinctive visual language to express what normal words cannot.

Charles astutely picks up on the divisive nuances within society, striving to bridge the gaps with his thought-provoking works.


 Through the intricate interplay of lines, Ling Yang Chang creates pieces that evoke a philosophical depth, and which inspire meaningful conversation.

The mixing of black ink with different colours creates a range of emotions and moods.

These versatile pieces are both breathtakingly complex and refreshingly simple, an intricate celebration of detail.

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