Hyacinth Macaw (Edition 10)
Hyacinth Macaw (Edition 10)

Hyacinth Macaw (Edition 10)


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Artist Country: England

Dimensions: 43in x 7in x 18in | 108cm x 19cm x 46cm

Medium: Recycled PetG, Wood, Brass, Coloured Acrylic Mirror


Focusing on the relationships shared between human, nature and technology, Arran Gregory's work is a curious exploration of our own evolution. His work is interested in connecting the dots between a more primitive self and the digital age we find ourselves in today. Reflecting on human’s animal instincts within nature, he constructs his ideas using a range of techniques, balancing aspects of technology alongside the handmade. Crafting his own visual language, Arran's works communicate through the use of a disciplined yet playful balance of abstracted line, shape and geometry. Forms are reduced in order to reveal his subject's inner essence. Experimenting with materials such as mirror, wood, glass and 3D print, his works aim to encourage introspection in an age of acceleration, questioning both our sense of identity and existence within today's natural world.

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