Bordeaux #80 1/25


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Artist Country: Belgium 

Dimensions: 47in x 31in | 120cm x 80cm

Medium: Inkjet Print

Apartment block in Bordeaux, France under a pink evening sky. Limited Edition of 25 Prints.

Robin Vandenabeele is a photographer based in Burghes, Belgium. Robin creates colorful photo art with a twist by using a distinct double-exposure technique in his photography. His photographs are abstract and often capture surreal versions of familiar surroundings at their time of exposure as he blends an image's light and shadowy parts with a rotated copy of itself. Robin is always on the search for innovative ways to create new compositions. He has experimented with cross-processing, toy cameras, multiple exposures, color-gelled lighting, and flatbed scanners. He seeks to preserve memories by documenting key moments and projects in his photographs. He has exhibited in several international galleries and his photographs are often featured on book covers and displayed in boutique hotels.

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