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Artist Country: Australia

Dimensions: 24in x 71in | 60cm x 180cm with 3.5cm sides.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Prana is a new abstract painting from Stephanie's Kundalini series. 

Kundalini is a powerful yet sensitive feminine energy. In this series, I hope to capture the feeling of this energy (as I imagine it to be) through a sense of movement and our connection with nature. Prana is one of my most treasured paintings. For me she is a dance of energetic, childlike wonder with our natural world, the breeze, the sky, the branches, leaves, and sunlight. 

Prana is a combination of grey blues, blush, and grey taupes with a touch of rust brown. She is painted on quality 12oz canvas and can be hung vertically or horizontally. The image shows how Prana will look from the side after stretching. All paintings are finished in 2 coats of satin lacquer for protection and longevity. 

Stephanie grew up in the country areas of the New South Wales Central Coast and moved to the Gold Coast in 1997 to be closer to her family. Daughter of political cartoonist Larry Pickering and 1 of 11 children, she enjoyed a colourful and interesting childhood. With a background in graphic design she was a partner in ‘Studio Otto Illustration and Design’ for 12 years before deciding to devote her time fully to painting in 2007. ‘I aim to achieve a sense of visual completeness in my work by exploring the interplay of various elements like contrast, colour, texture and tone. She is interested in the correlation between these elements and our own human traits, and how this can influence our response to them.

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