War and Peace
War and Peace
War and Peace
War and Peace

War and Peace


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Artist Country: Singapore

Dimensions: 48in x 36in | 122cm x 91cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

This is the blue version of my award-winning piece collected by UOB.

War and Peace explores the intrinsic beauty of calligraphy and the potential of language in contemporary art. 

As a metaphor for the “Oneness of Being”, War and Peace presents the recurring and almost binary themes of darkness and light that often define humanity. While the Arabic and Hebrew text stand out in contrast, they are also meant to stand for their shared qualities such as the similarity in sounds of the word ‘Peace’: salam in Arabic, shalom in Hebrew. 

Words are broken into dots to blur the difference between languages.

Having loved art since young and with a background in architecture, Charles Wong (Tze Chau) began painting in 2010. He has participated in group shows in Singapore, Thailand and India, and in 2018, he had his first solo show at a commercial gallery in Singapore. He won the prestigious UOB Painting of the Year award in the established category in 2019, cementing his place in the art world. Charles' art is a reflection of his strong emotions towards the universe and its infinite forms. He believes that at a macro level, there is one universal force that unites everything, while at a micro level, every being is made up of atoms that are essentially the same. His works are made up of dotted calligraphic letters in various languages, symbolizing a unique emotion or concept. He strives to create artworks that are both visually appealing and thought provoking.

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