Using art within hotels is an excellent strategic tool to develop a stronger brand identity. Most modern businesses understand that it is critical to form connections with customers and better deliver these expectations. When a patron visits a hotel, they are more likely looking for an “experience” within their gateway. Whether it be visiting another country and immersing themselves in the culture, art within the walls of hotels elevates visuals. It makes visitors much closer to one’s culture.

To better achieve this experience, hoteliers may include an art installation in an unexpected hotel area, creating another aspect of the guest experience.



A great example of art installations within a hotel is AMOY, located @ 76 Telok Ayer Street, where the design tells a story of Singapore’s trading past. This art depiction is inspired by the people of Zhengzhou, who came by sea from China. This hotel lets you experience the charm of a heritage conservation project, with available shophouse-styled rooms that include a museum within the entrance inspired by one of the oldest temples in Singapore.

 When visitors are immersed within the hotel’s art, it allows art to create experiences and create cultural awareness. Providing art enables a more meaningful and memorable experience for guests and becomes the hotel’s identity and an advantage to the overall business strategy.



Another excellent example of strong emphasis on the art is this boutique hotel located in Little India that uses a maximalist’s approach to showcase their eclectic installations. Iconic sculptures such as a brass rhinoceros, a life-sized golden elephant, and a ceiling canopy of gold leaves indeed leave a memorable impression for guests to remember in long years to come. In addition, these carefully curated artworks create a clear brand image, identity and set the eclectic ambience the hotel is trying to portray.




Hotel Soloha within Teck Lim Rd evokes tropical modernism, perfectly tying together within its charming street. The hotel is home to works from local artists like Ethrisha Liaw, who painted a stunning three-meter-wide pop art mural in the main areas and dynamic artworks in the guest rooms. In the lift shaft, you'll find a 13-metre painted art piece by Danielle Tay. The painting, named 'Spirit of the Forest', seeks to take guests on a journey of curiosity and adventure in a mystical forest as they ride up the elevator. Other curiously curated artworks displayed are homegrown jewellery designer Eden + Elie and curated wood, bronze, glass and Japanese ceramic homeware and tabletop accessories.

Art truly transforms a space creating emphasis on design and clear brand identity. Using art as an experiential component to the hotel makes long-lasting impressions. It develops a deeper connection to the hotel and brand, leading to repeating visits that ultimately help the business succeed.