#KnowTheArtist: Stephanie Laine


"The best part about being an artist is just being to create. Everyday." Stephanie Laine's artistic process begins with contemplation on an idea or feeling she'd like to convey before working out the colors and composition that best conveys her message ☀️

Stephanie is a graphic designer and painter based in Australia. She grew up in the country areas of New South Wales Central Coast and enjoyed a colorful childhood as one of Larry Pickering's eleven children. She is inspired by how humans interact with the natural elements around them. Stephanie explores the interplay of color, texture and tone to achieve a sense of visual completeness on the canvas. Stephanie's vibrant creations are not one to be missed, explore her collection!

Discover "Sunlight" from her "Lush" series. Using a vibrant color palette of combination of greens, blue grey, yellow, olive and sand, her new botanical painting hopes to convey the energy of fleeting moments and movements in rainforest canopies. 

Here is a close up of her favorite painting, Halcyon, which is also from her "Lush" Series. Halcyon combines greens, blue, yellows and mustard olives to capture the magical feeling of watching the sky and sunlight dancing through the leaves and branches.


Featuring two more works from her "Lush" series --- "Verdure" and "Flourish," which are both aptly titled to welcome spring into a space. Both paintings are finished in two coats of satin lacquer for protection and longevity. 

Just admire the harmony of colors in "Verdure"!

Similarly, "Flourish" brings a touch of warmth into any room!

Stephanie is also open to commissions, her works never fail to brighten up your spaces! "Bala" is from her "Citta" Series, which explores the interplay of mind and heart. "Bala" was installed in Zurich Insurance and emphasizes Stephanie's hope that you can feel the heart and creative expression in an art piece.

We hope you've enjoyed knowing more about Stephanie's art process as we have! Fiidaa Art would like to thank Stephanie for taking time out of her schedule to accept this interview. Interested to add her artworks into your collection, you can browse her collection here