Unwrap the Magic: The Joy of Art Gifting

The holiday season is finally here! And, what better way to spread joy and love than by giving the gift of art?

There is a magical element surrounding Art where it evokes emotions that speak volumes which can't be just expressed in just words. It is also an intimate affair as every individual have different perspectives to different designs. When you give the gift of art, you're offering something truly one-of-a-kind. Art pieces are unique and often carry a personal message or story that connects with the recipient. You now need to pick our an art piece that now embodies another, not just for your eyes. That is why Fiidaa Art is here to help you with your needs.

In this blog, we'll explore the Fiidaa Art's catalog to find the perfect Christmas gift for those who you hold dear, the reasons why art makes the perfect gift for Christmas and how it can add a touch of magic to this special time of year.

Winter mixed with the Christmas season is indeed a magical moment. The way the snow falls creates this glittery scene that romanticise the environment, a dreamlike state that we all wish will last forever. These are the works that replicate that whimsy feel. They have a lighter visual texture that is good in any space, evoking feelings of peace and serenity.

France Gaggioli

France Gaggioli's art is a celebration of creativity, a visual symphony that invites you to explore the beauty of the world through her eyes.


Shimmering, glowing glory. Gaggioli's art is a journey into emotion, a kaleidoscope of feelings brought to life through her brush. Each piece is a vivid expression that transports the observer to a different world, where the boundaries between imagination and reality blur, creating this dreamlike landscape that puts us in a trance.

Tarini Ahuja

Characterised by her pastel palette, Tarini's artworks has a whimsical quality that draws you in.


The drip of the paint, paired with the bold and wide brushstrokes creates a feel-good texture that evokes a feeling of relaxation. On glance towards the painting, we can almost hear a breath of relief. And, on closer admiration we can feel our mind relax as we fall into a zen-like trance. 

That's the beauty of Tarini's work. Get immersed and be transported to a whole new part of your world, one freed of the bustle of life.

Francesca Gnagnarella

What sets Gnagnarella's work apart from the rest is her fearless embrace of bold brushstrokes and the mesmerizing dance of dripped paint, all skillfully layered with thinned veiled stains.

The acrylics mixed with her characterised use of 23 carat gold leaf adds a glorious pop of colour into her canvas that pulls you in. She creates an emotional landscape that speaks to the soul and translates classic indulgence into a sleek modern style that resonates with us.

Joy to the world! When we think of Christmas, we imagine the sound of children laughing, the scene of lovers embracing and the excitement of reuniting with your family. This next series of work reflects that vibrancy and liveliness of the Christmas spirit. It is a fun and playful collection that brings the party to you.

Carmen Martini

Carmen is a unique artist who experiments on linen and burlap in replacement of the usual paint canvas. This gives rise to acrylic paintings that produce a different outlook as the paint takes the texture that the 'canvas' provides.

“My work reflects an interest in form, texture and the mixing of contrasting colours. I usually work on burlap or linen materials in their natural untreated form. Working on burlap, the material retains imperfections that then form part of each work, creating different surfaces.” — Carmen Martini

Sherwan Rozan


When we think of bright bold colours with fun geometrics, we can't leave out the talented Sherwan! His abstract interpretation of everyday objects brings light to the items we oversee. If we just take a second to look and enjoy, we will find that happiness can be found is all around us. 

With the crisp of the morning winter air, this season is the time to snuggle up at home to a cosy fireplace. This next series of works embodies that feeling of warmth and serenity. It brings in a pop of colour to your home interiors as it sparks love in your receivers heart. 


Arran Gregory

Arran focuses on the relationships shared between human, nature and technology,  a curious exploration of our own evolution. His works have a smoother finish, often depicting animals in this cubic configuration of metals.


These reflective surfaces bounce light into your rooms to brighten up any space. It's the perfect selection for that balance of vibrancy and energy to inject into your home design.

Mark Beattie 

Mark is also a master in working with various metals, skillfully navigating their contrasting properties of texture and finish. What sets him apart is the use of neons that takes his sculptures to the next level. 

The addition of LEDs creates a synergy that adds a dynamic quality to his sculptures, capturing the viewer's attention with a play of light and form. One that reminds us of the bright festive lights that Christmas has to offer.


Like any works? Contact our team to get started on your curation. Drop us your loved ones memories, likes, experiences and let us connect you to works that best expresses that feeling.