#KnowTheArtist: Sumali Piyatissa


 "The best part about being an artist is the freedom to express yourself. Just letting go. Just enjoying yourself. Shutting yourself off from the rest of the world. And, just (be) completely in your zone" Sumali Piyatissa elaborates on adopting an optimistic approach to creating art, enjoying the freedom to express herself and completely immersing herself in her art. 🌊

Sumali is an abstract artist from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Formerly an accountant, she decided to take up professionally. Sumali's creative process is influenced by nature and her travel experiences. With each stroke of her brush, she seeks to convey a sense of freedom, joy, and an overall aura of positivity. Let's sink in to the wondrous works by Sumali Piyatissa!

We begin with "Garden of Wonder - I," where short brushstrokes of blue, white and gold gives the impression of flower petals falling. Look how vibrant her colors are!


Sumali enjoys experimenting with different mediums and textures. In "Creative Mind," she explores a realm of colors, textures and compositions that take abstract art to the next level. By applying oil, plaster and gold pigment on the canvas, her painting incorporates a blend of modern mixed media techniques. 

Sumali shares with us in her interview that "Ride the Wave" is her favorite work as the piece spoke to many people around her and embodies the risks one takes in life in order to grow. She draws on life experiences, having taken the leap of faith to leave her accounting job to pursue art professionally. 

Inspired by Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, Sumali's paintings are often animated, with her brush strokes imitating how the objects depicted in her artworks would move in real-life. Let's look at more examples of how she paints waves and other water bodies!

Aside from painting from nature, Sumali also reimagines urban cityscapes in her paintings, as seen in "Under the Tuscan Sky" and "Hidden City"

We hope you'll "Ride the Wave" like Sumali suggests. Fiidaa Art would like to thank Sumali for taking time out of her schedule to accept this interview. Interested to add her artworks into your collection, you can browse her collection here.