#ArtistCloseup: Ellie Lasthiotak, Georgina Gray and Deborah Mckellar

Happy New Year, art enthusiasts! 🎨✨ As we step into a brand new year filled, we are thrilled to introduce #ArtistCloseup which provides you a glance into the creative processes of our three remarkable artists. On #ArtistCloseup this week, we feature Ellie Lashtiotak, Georgina Gray and Deborah Mckellar and invite you to join us as we unveil the magic behind their art pieces. If you've ever wondered about the inspiration and dedication that goes into creating art, #ArtistCloseup provides you with exclusive glimpses into their workspaces and how they prepare their art pieces. 

Hold on tight for an article that will deepen your appreciation for the art and the artists who make our world more vibrant and beautiful. 🌟🖌️

We start of #ArtistCloseup with Ellie Lashtiotak, who specializes in painting shorelines. Ellie's paintings are visual odes to the shoreline and her paintings seek to capture the moment where the horizon meets the waves by rendering the sea ripples as illuminated by the sun's rays. Her paintings Wild is the Wind and The Horizon is Gold capture the dynamic movement of waves and are sure to resonate with anyone who appreciates nature's beauty 🌊🐚.


It's unsurprising that Ellie's art studio is located near the shore, where she is surrounded by the sounds of ocean waves and laughter of carefree days. Ellie treats each memory of the water's surface as the brushstroke and her paintings  draw from how she experiences nature around her. each memory of the water's surface is a brushstroke and her. As her art studio is surrounded by water, her creative process is contemplative and immersive.


Next up on #ArtistCloseup is Georgina Gray, whose acrylic paintings combines technical skill with a sense of playfulness. Georgina's paintings often features animals in comical scenarios, inviting us into a realm where imagination is boundless. Her artworks seek to capture the inhibited creativity of a child's mind, reflecting her belief that life should not be taken too seriously. Her carefree attitude and playful approach to art is represented in Summer Stroll and South Pole Surfers


Her artworks are reflective of the lively environment she paints in. Georgina's art studio is her happy place; it is filled with a variety of art materials, colorful knick-knacks and plants. Her art studio provides her with a cozy space to collaborate with her two songs on the same canvas to create art! 🎨✨


We end of #ArtistCloseup with Deborah Mckellar, who incorporates textiles into her acrylic paintings. Her mixed-media art pieces reflect her fascination with the hustle and bustle of Singapore's city life. Her artworks reimagine the cityscape  juxtaposing the old and new, seeking to capture Singapore's unique architectural heritage and multi-cultural diversity. Seen in Chinese Treasures and Emerald Phoenix, Deborah's artworks are testaments to her discerning eye and dedication to capturing Singapore's timeless allure 🧵🖌️.


In one of her latest artworks, Deborah applies oil pastels to wood to capture how nature interacts with the surrounding cityscape. She layers colors on top of each other to introduce texture into her art pieces, where each piece demonstrates her eye for detail and patience for her craft.


We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Ellie Lasthiotak, Georgina Gray and Deborah Mckellar in #ArtistCloseup like we have! Fiidaa Art would like to thank all participating artists for taking time out of their schedule to send us photos and videos. Interested to add their artworks to your collection, you can contact us here